Four Arrested at ALEC Protests in New Orleans

This week, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is meeting in New Orleans — at the same hotel that hosted guests at the progressive Netroots Nation conference just a few days before. ALEC, a secretive group funded by right-wing billionaires from the Koch brothers and Scaife Family, as well as a wide range of corporate donors, writes conservative legislation that has been adopted across the country, from Stand Your Ground laws to anti-immigration bills, restrictions on voting rights, and many more. Activists from New Orleans Palestine Solidarity Committee, 350 New Orleans, and the New Orleans People’s Assembly were among those present and speaking out.

In the video below, demonstrators were chanting peacefully in front of the Hilton Hotel, when four were arrested without warning.

The arrests can be seen from another angle in this facebook livestream from 350 New Orleans.

From a press release this morning in advance of the protest:

UPDATE: This afternoon, organizers put out this press release:

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